Excursions in the Faroe Islands

We offer tailor made tours, which gives you the flexibility to design your own trip in the Faroe Islands exactly how you like.

Whether it is a bus, hiking, boat, bike or any other kind of tour, we are happy to help and arrange everything for you. We love to organize and plan new adventures that suit your needs and wishes.

We offer tours all year around and specialize in group tours and private guided tours.

Quality is essential to us and therefore we always use good busses, experienced drivers and passionate guides.

Contact us for a free quote at booking@excursions.fo.

We look forward hearing from you.

Private Hiking Tours

The tours include an experienced hiking guide, transportation from / to the bus terminal at Eystara Bryggja in Tórshavn and a packed lunch. When you go on one of our hiking tours, it is a compulsary to wear good hiking shoes or hiking boots. The bottom of the footwear must not be slippery. Dress like an onion i.e. layer by layer; a (thin) wool sweater, jacket, scarf, light rainclothes and gloves. If you need it and are used to it then bring hiking rods.

Group Tours

We offer tailor made tours, so that you have the flexibility to design your own tours and stay here in the Faroe Islands, but to help you get started, we have made an itinerary example for 4 days in the Faroe Islands. These tours are only suggestions! If you would like to add something or change some tour, then we are flexible and can make anything work. Let our experience take you on new adventures. 

Private Guided Tours

Tailor made tours in the Faroe Islands all year around. Because the Faroe Islands is home to us, we know it better than the back of our hands. With a private tour, you have your own personal driver and guide. The pick up / drop off place can be arranged almost anywhere in the Faroe Islands. Let our experience take you on new adventures. For further information or booking, please contact us via booking@excursions.fo.

Private excursion to Gjógv

“Hello! We were all very very happy with the excursion! It was just amazing, and both the guide and driver were excellent. This truly exceeded our expectations and we would warmly recommend this excursion! We also had lovely weather. (And we are a bunch, who travel a lot). 

Greetings to Óli and Hans Petur (if I remember the guide and driver’s names correctly).”

Written by: Ingibjørg S. Benediktsdóttir

Private excursion to Gjógv

Hiking tour from Tjørnuvík to Saksun

“We had the most amazing time hiking from Tjørnuvik to Saksun. We were a group of 5 people in total and made long lasting friendships with everyone! Our guide Paul, was a very nice guy, friendly, funny and experienced and adjusted the hike to everyones level. Don’t forget to ask him about when he ran from Flensburg to Sakegen in 5 days (!!!), he has a lot of stories to tell ;-) The scenery was amazing, the hike started in the misty valley of Tjørnuvik and when we reached the top of the mountain the sun came out, it was absolutely surreal. I can not recommend this tour enough, truly left with memories of a lifetime!”

Written by: Nora Helmy

Hiking tour from Tjørnuvík to Saksun

Private excursion

“BioBank can report back on a fantastic stay in the Faroe Islands. We got to experience a landscape that we were very much impressed with, even for us from Norway who have a lot of nature to show for ourselves. The weather was probably typical for January, alternating and partly rough, and made the scenes with mountains and sea even more powerful experiences. The guiding through Smyril was excellent. You have a very knowledgeable guide, committed and empathetic. We got an insight into the history of the Faroe Islands from thousand years back and up to the political situation of today, we got tastes of culture and way of life on the island. This was a positive meeting with the Faroe Islands in all aspects. All in all: we have had a great time in the Faroe Islands. Thank you for having us.”

Written by: BioBank

Private excursion