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Greetings from our customers

These excursionists took the time to send us a greeting, after returning home from their journey


They arrive to the Faroe Islands, either by cruise ships or by plane. We help them get the most out of their stay (however short) here on our beautiful islands. We could do the same for you.


You can choose between our standard excursions, which are available only during the summer period or a private excursion which can be arranged throughout the whole year. We have chosen our standard excursions based on what is most popular to see among tourists. If you wish to see something less explored and less mainstream, contact us with your wishes and we will do whatever we can to meet them, or you can ask us to recommend something special just for you. 



Written by: Ingibjørg S. Benediktsdóttir

Private excursion to Gjógv


We were all very very happy with the excursion! It was just amazing, and both the guide and driver were excellent.

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Written by: Nora Helmy

Hiking tour from Tjørnuvík to Saksun


We had the most amazing time hiking from Tjørnuvik to Saksun.

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Written by: BioBank

Private excursion


BioBank can report back on a fantastic stay in the Faroe Islands.

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