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Excursions - Private hiking tour from Miðvágur to Trælanípa

Private hiking tour from Miðvágur to Trælanípa

Private hiking tour from Miðvágur to Trælanípa

Trælanípa is one of the most photographed sights in the Faroe Islands. From the edge you see straight down to the ocean 142 metres below and at the same time you see the lake Vatnið – the biggest lake in the Faroes. From here, you can also see the southernmost part of Streymoy, Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy. On to your other side you can see the bird cliffs of Sørvágsbjørg, Mykines and Mykineshólmur in the distance.


There are many legends related to these landscapes, that tell about super natural beings such as the nix, (Nykur in faroese) a scary creature that lives in lakes and often resembles a beautiful horse. It lures people close, grabs them and pulls them to the bottom of the lake. There are also the hidden people who look very much like us but practice witchcraft. And there is the promontorio itself: Slave Mountain. Supposedly, it has gotten its name from the Viking Age, when slaves were pushed off the mountain when they were for no use anymore.


The hike is considered to be an easy one for most hikers. Most of the tour is on almost flat terrain. The last 200 metres are up hill.


Length of trip: approx. 10 km both ways

Maximum height: about 142 m



Your safety is our highest priority. We draw your attention to the risks associated with the unique characteristics of the Faroese environment. Consequently, should you venture into the Faroese environment, either alone, following inspiration from our website, or together with one of our tour guides, you do so entirely at your own risk. We accept no liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result.




In addition to these prices, a hiking fee of DKK 200 per person, will be added to the price.


5 hours
Guide, lunch box, transport to Miðvágur and back to Tórshavn
Available in the period
All year around
Pick Up
Tórshavn Bus Terminal, Eystara Bryggja
Level of difficulty
Easy. It goes a little up hill for the last 200 metres. Suitable for children.
Gravel/grass track.
DKK 2.990 (for 1-4 persons) DKK 995 per extra person

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About our guide Randi Meitel

Randi MeitelRandi Meitil has been organizing and guiding trekking tours and other voyages in the Faroe Islands for almost 20 years. She is born and lives in the capital of the islands, Tórshavn. 


She is a passionate mediator of Faroese nature, culture and history and knows all the legends connected to the landscape of her beloved islands. Her aim is to give people an experience that is as authentic and original as possible. Beside the scandinavian languages she is guiding in French, English, German and Spanish.